Generating documentation for Java Jersey framework

After searching a while, there is no easy tools for making beautifull documentation for Java Jersey.

It’s a mess, as jersey is a great framework. So I build a simple project, in three tiny project, to help me, and of course you, to build REST documentation:

  • jersey-doc-annotation: As the system works on compiled version, we loose javadoc… This project helps to create few annotation to retrieve some REST specific documentation.

    Note: This project is optional, it just allow to make add more data to documentation, it’s not mandatory at all.

  • jersey-doc-generator: The main project, builded using java and maven, and generating a raw JSON from a given project resource…

  • jersey-doc-template: after outputting the raw data from jersey-doc-generator, it’s time to present them in a simple, and good looking template. This project is here for that.

With thoose, we cover the full process of generating documentation for such tool as Jersey. Feel free to use them and make any comments here if you get any trouble!


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